“We knew we needed help with our office admin and books, but we didn't know quite how much we were missing until we found Cath. She has literally changed our work lives. Cath is super efficient as well as being all round amazing at what she does. After just a short while we felt very confident handing over more and more work to her and this has meant she has been the reason we've been able to free up time to focus on the actual development of our business rather than the day to day. We whole heartedly recommend Cath to anyone who needs help getting things sorted out. Not only is the fast and accurate, she also has great initiative and goes the extra mile for her clients. Super easy to work with and works well in teams and on her own. Highly recommended.”


“Cath is sensitive and tough at guiding slovenly, paper-stacking infomaniacs like me towards the elusive heaven of smooth surfaces (desk, tables, windowsills, shelves, cupboards, closets) and cleared floors. Everything (books, files, leaflets, drafts -- you-name-it items from my Paper Cave) was tucked away in a box (some of which are patiently awaiting Cath's return!). Not an easy task for me but she made it incredibly rewarding and I'm saving up for the next session. In a word: Wonderful!”


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